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Noziroh is a design brand created by an international partnership with several companies. It has been growing more and more quickly so as to reach the global market in a very short time. We owe this success to our visionary strategies, the various services we offer and all our projects.

The name comes from the word “horizon”, we chose to write it on the reverse because we do not want to represent only a brand of accessories, but also a lifestyle.

Noziroh is nonconformism, rebellion, verve, but at the same time fashion, elegance, passion. As our slogan “The best choice for amazing experiences” says, we offer products with a unique and high quality design to be different and satisfied.

The greatest strength that has allowed us to reach the global market is our logistic and administrative presence in two locations, Italy and China.

Thanks to this, we guarantee a series of services and a wide range of refined and high quality products.

  • Shipments to all over the world with short delivery times and competitive rates
  • Collaborations and direct contacts with companies, in order to guarantee personalized offers and meet customer needs
  • Numerous quality checks and tests carried out on the products we supply
  • Warranty service and after-sales assistance in the country in which you operate, in order to provide a quick and effective solution
  • A market research with evaluation, supply of products and services
  • Imports and exports on demand, survey of potential customers in the various markets
  • Supply of our Noziroh brand products, high quality products, with a refined and innovative design