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DadVu Soul & Technology is a registered trademark and exclusive to Soul It s.r.l .. Both are born from the endemic passion for technology.
The brand and the name DadVu are a commercial idea that embodies the love of the father (Dad) towards his child and the security that the first infuses to the second with his own protective look (Vu-View).
La Soul It S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company that operates in the field of advanced plant engineering and Information Technology with excellent skills and highly qualified personnel.
The continuous updating on developments in the technological sector, interaction and collaboration with international partners, market research, tests, experiments and production control guarantee quality products at a price well below that of the most famous brands and at the same time maintaining a high level of quality of our products.
We guarantee the security and surveillance of the property and of people with high-tech products related to burglary and video surveillance directed at the sector and consumer with competitive prices and accessible to all.


SSS = Health, Safety, Serenity. In our age, “Health and Safety” are hierarchically on a par with the scale of needs, so that one has become synonymous with the other. The “Serenity” of having a protected work or family environment is worth a lot. We call them the three S. All our cameras guarantee video streams from any part of the world either with direct connection or via P2P server via PC, tablet or mobile phone.
We invest everything in our passion for this sector and each of our products is full of this passion. Our goal is not the result but the satisfaction of our customers.