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Founded in 2013, BOZLUN is a Chinese company located in the Chinese fashion young and fast-growing city- SHENZHEN that designs and develops smart wearables. It is intended to improve the quality of consumers with increasingly mobile, connected and digital lifestyles. BOZLUN focuses on smart health and sport, and through its strong channel capacity of the rapid layout of the online & offline markets. BOZLUN strives to expand and facilitate the mobile-user experience with state of the art products. Now, carried by major retailers and partners worldwide, BOZLUN offers a full range of connected devices for different product categories: activity tracker, smart hybrid watch, smart sports watch, etc. BOZLUN is to cater to the needs and tastes of the world’s most various user types thanks to its cross-platform compatible wearables at an affordable price.


Team Advantage:

  1. Watch category TOP operations team: Mature time US electricity supplier team
  2. Smart brand category TOP team: Abba cho operation of the project team members.
  3. Guangzhou time the United States Table Co. Division, Guangdong Yue Yuen Digital Technology Co., a strategic partner, a strategic partner of SEG Group.       

Operational advantages:

  1. 2010 begin with Jingdong, Lynx, Suning and much other mainstream business platform in-depth cooperation, signed a number of KA brand. team
  2. The shop has Jingdong, Lynx shop, Taobao, Suning stores, trade shops 40+ home, while operating in 2015 turnover exceeded 80 million.
  3. 2015 December by investment in digital music source A round of financing ten million.

price advantage:

     Price close to the price of conscience matching quality products to give consumers a high price.

service advantage:
     Care tailored

     1. To provide consumers with personalized service.

     2. Support seven days no reason to return, non-human causes 1-year warranty.