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Aeon Matrix


Aeon Matrix, Creator of The Yardian

We care about life, community and the Earth

At Aeon Matrix, we earnestly design and create highly innovative and useful smart devices. We also provide cloud services to improve our consumers’ quality of life and their communities.

Our organization was founded in 2014 by Joseph Tsai, an enterprising entrepreneur along with a team of like-minded professionals from the San Francisco and Taiwan areas. Our team takes great pride in our technical agility and creativity. It is Aeon Matrix’s mission to care for people and the world where they live, play and work.


Your smartest sprinkler controller for both home water conservation and family protection

Yardian is the world’s first multi-functional smart sprinkler controller with a built-in security camera. It is United States EPA WaterSense certified and also the only smart controller with access to local weather data and a Water Restrictions Database. Yardian can help save significant water and money, avoid potential municipal fines and effectively monitors activities in your garage or yard from your smartphone.

Yardian provides the most intuitive user interface and flexible schedules on app. With Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT compatibility, Yardian can work with your existing smart home products. You can install the Yardian Smart Home Controller and starting helping to conserve water in less than 15 minutes.