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About Us

A Few Words About Us

Arrow project is the set of different skills, it is a work group made up of professionals from different sectors who with passion, courage and creativity, work daily in research and development of national and international commercial intermediation.

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Our Skills

Our staff evaluates the feasibility of each proposed project, plans and manages the commercial promotion, find new markets, acts as a marketing agency. Our goal is to grow companies that want to work with us, optimizing both offline and online procedures. 

  • Marketing 95% 95%
  • Commercial 89% 89%
  • Research and development 85% 85%
  • Problem solving 75% 75%

Meet Our Team

Massimo Uccelli

Massimo Uccelli

Marketing Manager

Appassionato di comunicazione e  brand reputation

Francesco Palmieri

Francesco Palmieri

Product Manager

Lavoro creando legami commerciali tra Cina, Italia e Stati Uniti

Luigi Enrico Salamena

Luigi Enrico Salamena

Company hunter!

Amministratore di SLE SERVICES USA LLC - La tua attività negli Stati Uniti